Joining forces is a requirement for Greek businesses

The utilization by the companies of the possibilities created by the development trajectory in which the Greek economy enters, is the biggest challenge but also an opportunity for all the participants in the Greek economy.

“As servicers, our role is particularly critical as the debt of the Greek companies we manage amounts to many tens of billions. At Intrum Hellas, with an increased sense of responsibility, we have structured our operation with the aim of enabling Greek companies to be fully consolidated, in a sustainable way and to “turn the page” definitively, following our Group's vision to contribute substantially to the creation of a sound economy. Our priority at Intrum Hellas is for all sustainable companies to go through all difficulties, by taking full advantage of all the assets and competitive advantages that they have, and also by optimizing the way they operate in order to potentially maximize their value.” Ms. Maria Vergi, Assistant General Manager, Head of SME, Intrum Hellas, states at

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